Shift Firmnes

In this menu you can adjust all shiftfirmness parameters manuelly

“Firmness All L=H”   L=H means Lower number = harder shift

This now adjust both LinePressure and ShiftPresssure,  Lower number = harder shift,  higher number = softer shifts.

If you want to adjust the hardness for 1->2 go in here just press Rigth until you are at the % Load you want to adjust

In here higher number = harder shift

In the gereral Firmness

In the gereral Firmness

If you want to adjust the hardness for different load, go in here.

If you want to adjust the hardness for 1->2 at 30% Load push joystick up, here we gave it 2% harder shift,

Firmness adjust jump to 1:29

Rate Last Shift 3:19

on the way out from this menu, renember tosave changes, if you are at 30% press left then 20% press Left then 10% Press left then 0% press left then You can save changes by pressing down on joystick

Just leave as is

This is the Rate Shift Menu

When the gearbox have shifted you see the last shift, and at what load, the shift was done.

On this oicture below it has shiftet from 2->1 at load 1% = no load

Here i pressed the joystick down, to tell the controller to make it a little more smooth next time.

And the controller reply width “Notet to hard” and it will make it more smooth next time.

Shift Firmness

1. First make sure you have a TPS going from exact 0 - 100% before adjusting in here

2. First Get the gearoil up to around 70 deg - 80 deg before adjusting

3. Then first test how the shifts are at wery low load. if they are to hard or to soft in every gear

a. Then go in to "General Firmness" - > "Firmness All L=H"

b. A lover number gives a Harder shift, try one number at the time, Adjust MAX +/-2

4. Now if you have one specific gear that are to hard or to soft follow, instruction below to adjust

Adjust Shift Firmness

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