"Shut Down at Speed,  Press left to reset "

“Why does this happens”

1. It can happen if controller looses power +12V while driving at speed

2. It can happen if controller looses signal or has bad speed signal from ABS sensor (External speed)

3. It can happen if controller looses signal ti internal speed sensors or bad signal (Internal speed setting.)

4. It can happen if you do burn out with internal speed setting. (And External speed setting also if ABS Sensor on the BACK is used )

Why is this implemented 

It is implemented so that if the controller shuts down while driving at speed, it know it was under speed when it is turned back on, Meaning it will NOT start initial startup, and will lock any gearshift, so that no accidantial downshift happens

Sure it will also happen if the External speed wire is disconnected from ABS sensor .

Lets say this happens at 100 km/h then the speed will stay at 100 km/h as it does not get new sensor information,


Sure the speed is 100 km/h when you shutting it down, and when turned back on it thinks it was under speed when turned off, and need to be reset 

So when is speed locked if bad sensor 

It is so that the Controller has an Automotiv ABS sensor chip to read inductiv ABS sensor AC voltage 

The controller will accept a failure margin on the speed reading 

This is the Parameter "Max Speed Fail" is is normally set to 20 km/h

This means that if you drive 100 km/h and loch the front wheel under bracking and speed drops to 0. then it is ignored.

When you let go of the bracking and fronwheel rotate again it has to be at least 81 km/h to be accepted

“Speed EXT/INT” If you want max safety 

set it to “0” for External “1” for Internal (Or set to 6 for Max safety) ** 


If you have set it to the value 6,

then the speed internal in the gearbox is compared to the external speed sensor.

That way we are sure the gearbox is always in right gear,

and if it is not all shift is locked. And you have to power off and on again.

GOTO “View Live Data” press right on joystick 6 times

Then you will see a page like this

EXT :0     0/0              Show Speed from External sensor

INT  :0     0/0              Show Speed from internal sensors

Sync:1     Time:0mS   If Speed in Sync:1 if not in sync 0

DIF :0                          DIF is Difference between Internal and External


You can adjust both internal and external speed here “Setup Parameter” -> “Int Speed %” “Setup Parameter” -> “EXT Speed %”

So why is this not the setting when i deliver it 

I have choosen to deliver the kit with the setting internal setting. 

That way you can do first testdrive with only TPS and Power and ground. and it will shift if gearbox is ok. 

Then it is up to customer afterward to install or connect to externl speed sensor. 

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