Bell Housing

Change Bellhousing

Change bell housing,

Here the bellhousing for a OM606 is mounted on a E320CDI W5A580 gearbox

Only a new steel gasket is needet MB number 1402774214 

1 Take out the Converter.

2 Take out the bolts from behind where the converter was. / There is 2 bolt from the other side

3 then the bell housing can be removed, together width the front clutch plate holder gear.

4 Take out the oil pump bolts.

5 tap width a plastic hammer, to remove the stator shaft from bell housing, it has a locator pin make sure to put it back correct way.

Please be aware that the Big Converter from 320 CDI or V8 engine do not fit the small bell housing, so the small converter has to be used, but this i not a problem and it will fit the oil pump and so on. 

And also make sure it is all the way in the gearbox before try to force it close to the engine.

722.359 From Mercedes inline 6 engine

All 722.6 from inline 6 (apart from 320 CDI ) has same bolt pattern

722.6 from E55AMG

722.626 from a E320 CDI

Take out the bolts shown, TORX 45 importend renember the 2 from behind (20 Nm when tigthen)

Now take out the bolts, TORX 30 Red circle (8 Nm when tigthen)

Now take out the Bolts that hold the Oil pump, Red circle (20 Nm when tigthen)

If you cant remove the oil pump by hand, put in the bolts at least 5 rounds, then tap them carfully, and the pump will fall down and hang in the bolts.

Mount new Gasket  MB number 1402774214 

Old picture

Assample agsin.

This is an E320CDI box with E300 Turbo diesel OM606 Bell housing, Ready to go in to G class.

It also has the probshaft adapter mounted to fit the W463 G Class special probshaft

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