Different Cars

Vesivehmaa 2021. SRT HEMI CORONET -66. 10,94 204 kmh. TUNED BY PATE.P - YouTube

First time tiptronic gearlever.


Hi, now i test Ofgear in track. It workin good exept 3-4 shift little firmed. Here is little video 10.94 / 204 kmh

1790 kg weight. 0 - 100 kmh is 3 sec.


Hagglünd BV 206

This is one of the most cool build

OM606 and 722.6 gearbox

goes in anything ;-)

Another Picture from customer

nice mounting of the Display :-)

Click the picture to see in high res

Sam Hanna  (OM617 + 722.6)

OF Gear ApS

This is my own G350 Turbodiesel

It is a 1995 model

It has been renovated, rust is made.

Wheel is 21"x10"

Tyre 275 x 45 R21

722.6 mounted

Paddle and controller is mounted,

So nice to drive 100 km/h at 2000 RPM

I have made an adapter to the Probshaft from 3 arm to 6 bolt G model. That way the shaft can be used as it is, no shortening

OM606 is installed

Göran Pump 7,5 mm

Water to Air intercooler.

Big aluminium WaterCooler for the intercooler, mounted in the big Front bumper

Turbo is Garret GT2359 VNT. Making around 1,5 bar.

Yes the turbo is a little hard to control, and require around 2,3 bar EGP to make the 1,5 bar boost.

Max had it up to 1,7 bar 2,6 bar EGP

Adam Vikström

Here are some pics of the install if you want to publish.

Stock w126 shifter because sleeper and the stock look.


722.636 from 2005 C55 AMG.

Ofgear controller with oled display.

TB70-03 stage 2 billet turbina.

Turbobandit Stainless manifold.

4" downpipe, 3" exhaust.

3" Stainless pressure pipes.

3" intercooler.

Dieselmeken 7.5mm pump.

Everything hidden behind bumper to keep stock look.

Ayrton Vl

To the right with new steering wheel and Paddle, for manual up / Down shift

Martyn Ball

1978 w123 200 saloon.

was ordered new in black for a funeral company, no extras fitted at all !

115 carb engine with 4 speed manual.

owner fitted front electric windows.

at 59,000 miles now has 430 113 5spd auto from 2001 clk factory pace car.

auto has paddle shift,oled display.

engine runs with smart key/esl, e class central locking/alarm fitted using buttons on smart key.

stainless steel single large bore exhaust with no cats.

15" fuchs replica wheels 225 tyres, koni shocks.

Turbobanditten fra Sverige

Faaaaaaast W124

1200 HP / 1200 NM


722.6 Gearbox

Hendrik Elbe  Elbe Engineering  Estonia

1996 G350 Turbodiesel with 722.3 4-speed automatic tranny.

Installed OM606 engine with 722.6 tranny. Car was blue before. I didn`t like it :)

Interior was grey before. Seats and other parts are covered with new leather+alcantara.

Power ~400hp/700Nm

Transmission: Controlled by OFgear controller. I made totally new propeller shaft. 1000Nm guarantee.

Swedisch Buss with porsche tiptronic gearbox

Dan Monstercrawlers

Nice instalation of the display, in a Nice classic car :-)


Fastest diesel on One Mile Challenge, 296kph on 1 mile distance. Start is poor because I use 2.47 diff with stock 320cdi box and it takes time to spoolup with hx52.

Dieselmeken AB Göran Lindgren W210

RS203 7,5 mm L3 element. Motorn körd i Luntec dyno i våras. 465 HP på 2,4 bar. 495/795nm med rök och mer soppa. Turbo och Quick spoolup kit från Luke Dale Dieselpump UK standard grenrör samt standard matarpump

Del 23 Degrees

Here are pictures of my installation and the finished car. The controller, joystick and display are mounted in place of the ashtray. Display and joystick are mounted on an aluminium plate sprayed black. I have instant access to the joystick and will put a blank in place soon. I used standard 'W' settings for a while but have now raised the shift speeds and have them locked into the 'S' setting to use all of the revs available to move the G very nicely.

Mevert Heiko

Paddle in steering wheel,

2.4" OLED display in dash