Mercedes G 350 Turbo Diesel

W463 Mercedes Gelande Wagon

New engine and gearbox from a W210 car.

OM606 + 722.6

Gear Lever from C-Class this model fits the Gwagen Perfect, no cutting in the Wood trim

Result Crusing highway in 5 gear width Lockup

TPS sensor mounted below the pump, to give the Gearbox controller the trottle position

New Flange was needet as this is a G Wagon, has special Probshaft


Showing W210 Gearbox mount on existing W463 722.3 Bracket

Drill two 9mm diameter holes 25 and 80mm from back of bracket

Add 6-8mm high spacers between bracket and gearbox mount

The Speedo cable is going to the Transfer Box,so no problem with Speedometer

The RPM sensor for Cruise Control, is moved so it looks at the 6 metal studs on the new 722.6 G Flange,

This is a temperary solution as 6 points is to many, it should only be 4 as in the 722.3

This makes the cruise Control work but not the best way


"Crossmember, customised by using the one which came with the 722.6 and the original G one"

Found at

The 722.3 fits the 606 perfectly,

The 603 and 606 engine block are (nearly) identical on the outside.

The vacuum control to the 722.3 is done with the valve on the mechanical pump.

If someone, I dont know why, wants to mount a 722.3 to a 606 with stock electronic pump -

the vacuum controller, from a mechanical pump, can be connected as stand alone to the throttle linkage.

I choose the 722.6 because of the 5th gear, low revs cruising with the migty long 350 axles.

Oil pan in the G with 603 or 606 is exactly the same (same spare part number)

I will keep the w210 606 oil pickup pibe.

It is shorter than the G 603 pibe, but I dont intend to run tilted in 45 degrees all day long

keep the 350s Oil cooler in the right fender.

Mechanial Injection pump mounted.

Rotated as far counterclockwise as possible for linkage clearance and for best nozzle line fit.

Cruise control actuator spaced out 8mm for linkage clearance

New bracket for Throttle cable

Modified loom for the 606 glow plugs and temperature sensor.

Mounted throttle position sensor for the 722.6 gearbox controller (will also be used for the boost control).

Driveshaft has been shortened by 30mm, repacked with grease.

Rear gearbox mount modified for the 722.6 gearbox (Drilled 2 new holes).

Mounted the G350 oilpan, due to the missing hole for the RPM sensor on the 606 W210 oilpan.

If you are planning a swap like this, then please remember to grind away some material from the converter housing

on the 722.6 before mounting it, a 722.6 is not ready for the pan mounted RPM sensor.

New right radiator hose, due to different thermostat housing.

New right engine mount, the old one was dead so the wastegate linkage was unable to move !

New shift rod for the 722.6 gearbox (G specific)