MaxxECU Support

MaxxECU Support

To have the OF Gear TCU to send out CANBUS signal to MaxxECU 

Old Firmware

Goto "Livedata" press right on the Joystick 9 times,

then you are at the CANBUS page

Press Up or Down until you see "CAN-BUS:MaxxECU"

then just power off and back on. then it will send the signal descriped below

New Firmware

Goto "Setup Parameter"  -> "Canbus New" Go right in here until you see MaxxECU press up to set to "1"

If you software do nut support this, then just mail me at  info "at"

Address 0x600

byte length = 8;
unsigned long ID = 0x00000600;

byte data[] = { ShiftCut , 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00};

Address 0x603

byte length = 8;

unsigned long ID = 0x00000603;

int VSSGear = ActualGear; if (ActualGear == -2) {VSSGear = 0;}
int GearboxMode = 0; if(manual == 1){GearboxMode = 2;} else {GearboxMode = 1;}
byte data[] = { VSSGear , GearboxMode, GearOilTemp, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00};

So on address 600 you find when to shiftCut, as soon a shift is started i send an 1 this will last one second, ewen that the shift is done faster

On address 603 The actual gear is send, if 0 it is either in N or P as seen in the code above. 

Gearbox mode is also send Manual = 2, Auto  = 1

Also the Gearbox temp is send in DEG Celsius


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