Holset VNT

Holset VNT Turbo CANBUS

Importent i have found that the movement in software 164 and lover did not had full stroke.

I am now testing a new Firmware 165. let me know by mail if you use this function. And want this Firmware.

By the way i have only tested on a Controller not connected on a Turbo. so not 100% sure it works perfect.

The Holset HE351VE & HE341VE can be controlled by CanBus,

But this is still in BETA as i have only tested on the bench, width the Turbo not mounted on an engine.

The Colors i have from the Holset controller is

RED = 12V (Left down on the Picture)

Green / White = 0V Ground (Down Rigth on the Picture)

Green = CAN L (Top Rigth on the Picture)

Yellow is CAN H (Top Middle on the Picture

Both an Boost and EGP sensor is needet.


Importent this function does not work together width Gear Indicator

And the gearindicator need to be unplugged. otherwise it does NOT work

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