Older engine

Gasoline M110, M114, M123, M115

M116 / M117 (See end this page)

Diesel OM617, OM616, OM615

722.6 conversion to mercedes petrol engines  M110  M114  M123  M115

722.6 conversion to mercedes diesel engines  om617 ,om616, om615

for other engine’s,  just ask on the email below as it is not me making them

Maybe he can make a custom one.

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First put the rim on 722.6  in the right position and mark the starter position .

Take it of again. and  mount the bolts Studs for the  starter

Put the rim on his place and  screw the four M10 inbus bolts  on there place

and also the four  Hex bolts on the other side .  Do not tighten

The size of the  four hex bolds :  Steel  M10  50 mm  long

Prepare  your starter motor with a 12 mm drill  both hole’s

Mount your starter with M12 Nuts   (if you have 19mm Nuts you need a very thin ring )

Some say it is easier  to use  M12  18mm Nuts

This is the moment to tighten the four inbus and Hex bolts   65 nm

Part Two  Flex plate

First  before dismantling the flex plate  mark the fly wheel / crank

Clean out new plate and fly wheel very well before mounting it back .

Check the bolts state before (7.3 mm min ø )  reuse or replace them for new and tighten them at the right torque

40 nm or  about   30ft/lb

Check if you starter motor functions ok.

You will see that your starter  stick out  a little .   There for you have to  grind some material out of the 722.6 bell housing

Bring the transmission on his place to the motor and aline the crank with the converter .Next  put the eleven bold hand tight on there place.

Now aline the rim with the bell housing on the top and the on left side ( there is a very little play )

Tighten the 11 Bolds 65 nm

Mount torque converter-to-flexplate bolts to 31 ft. lbs. (42 Nm). .

As you can see sometimes the big holes  are more to the center then other holes.

If necessary  adapt your socket wrench

Do not adapt your fly wheel !.

M117 and M116 After 1978 .

can be direct fitted to 722.620 / 622/ 625/627 from a M119 engine
No adaptors are nessesary

Commend from Elbe

As far as I know   you can  mount an  722.6 from a M119  to a  Aluminium  M117  with  minor  adaptations .  see  pictures 

and https://www.facebook.com/712953019062426/posts/7226-conversion-for-m117-engine-whit-custom-flex-plate-and-brand-new-turbine-hou/732697617087966/

If you have  a cast Iron block see : https://www.elbe.ee

M116 / M117 Between  1969 - 1978

This is the model before 1978 and this one is completely different.

And needs an adaptor kit just like  the M110 engine .

If you need an adapter for this engine Contact 

Kombuisweg 35
1041AV Amsterdam

Phone 0651560203
KvK 08055072 

Facht from Peter Eggermont

There are two M116/m117 engine block models  one  is made from Iron up to 1978 and after 1978 these  engine blocks are made from aluminium .

Elbe is right for engine’s made from aluminium  ( after 1978 ) these are “ compatible with the M119 engine’s

The early iron engines are not compatible with the 1978 and up aluminium  M117/m116  and m119  engine’ s 

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