This page should help you solve some general problems

1. Controller goes in to fail mode and lockes shift.

First i really want you to install external speed sensor, and it has to be an inductiv sensor. 

This page explain how to do it.

If you get this

"Shut Down at Speed" Press Left to reset

As If you run internal sensor, you have to understand that i can not read speed under shift, as the sensors internally is NOT on the output shaft.

If you have set shift to soft, what can happen is that the shift is NOT done and controller goes in to fail mode.

2. Shift adjusted to soft

Please if Shift  has been adjusted softer then load default Parameters.

See at the end this page how to do it

Then we know where we are, and can start over to adjust it.

I have seen some adjust shift softer ewen before testdriving ? and run i to problem.


When the number in the gearindicator change you should almost instant feel the shift going on.

if shift is set to soft you will feel one sec where the gearbox is slipping and then you will feel a hard shift, that is false intrubated as a to hard shift by some, and they will adjust it ewen softer :-(

Then in the end shift is not happening at all.

3. TPS

Also people have different TPS at at different Torq. an indicator is that if you have around 25 - 35 TPS when crusing at 80 km/h it is fine.

IF you have adjusted TPS correct 0 - 100%

Then in the latest software, there is a different setting.

Let say you only have 10% TPS when crusing at 80 km/h, then we have really low resulution in adjusting shift firmness at low load, and that is normally here we want the shift to be nice.

How to change this goto "Setup Parameters" -> "Setup TPS" Now you are where you setup 0-100%

But now press joystick to the Right, now you are in another menu, set it to agressiv TPS, this makes more resulution at low load.

If you have the oppesit problem that if you have 70% TPS when crusing at 80 km/h then set to Slow TPS.

Adjust Map sensor

If you Load Default, Adjust mapsensor to value like below, do it in both W and S setting

How to adjust the Boost Sensor

Load Defauld

If you want to Load Default, go in here, this can happen if you have adjusted to much and nothing is working,

1. goto  “Userdata/Factory” -> “Default W /Reset” 

2. Press up to load, wait a little bit

3. Press down to save

If you also want "S" to be reset

4. Press left.

5. Goto “Userdata/Factory” -> "Lever S data"

6. Press down to save default in "S" also

Or Do TOTAL reset like this

This reset´s all in both W/S setting


"Userdata/Factory" ->

"Quick set/Reset" ->

Press right key 4 times 

Until you see 

"Down= Total Reset"

Press Down on joystick

In this menu "Quick set/reset" you can also quick set what mapsensor you have.

Also set this 2 setting after Load Default

“Setup Parameter” -> “Load - TPS Boost”

Diesel cars where boost sensor is mounted, set it to 2.5 (Default by reset)

Gasoline cars 6 cyl set it to 1.5

Gasoline cars V8 or more set it to 1

When number Change it is saved automatically, no need to press right to save here


“Setup Parameter” -> “Boost Part Load”

Diesel cars where boost sensor is mounted, set it to 33 (Default by reset)

Gasoline cars 6 cul set it to 1

Gasoline cars V8 or more set it to 1

Here you have to press right to save after number is changed to wanted value

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