Gear Lever

Gear Lever


Q : Why do i need a gear Lever

A : You need a Gear Lever to move the mecanically lever on the gearbox between P-R-N-D

Q : Do i need a Mercedes Gear Lever

A : No the controller will work with anything that can move the Mecanically Lever on the gearbox between P-R-N-D

Q : What do i miss if is just make a rod that moves the mecanically lever

A : You miss the W/S switch and the originally posibility to force gearbox down in to 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 gear.

Q : Can i make the W/S work altough i do not have a gear Lever

A : Yes just take the one wire that says W/S on the controller, if shorted to ground it is S if not it is in W

Q : What is the best Gear Lever

A : Both the classic P-R-N-D-4-3-2-1 and tiptronic works.

Q : What gear Lever is best for the W124 model and W463 G model

A : The Gear Lever from C class between 1996 - 1999 that has P-R-N-D-4-3-2-1 or from SL R129 also P-R-N-D-4-3-2-1

Q : Can i use the Tiptronic shifter in W124 and W463

A : Yes but it does not fit direct, as the mounting holes are different.

Q : Can i use the W210 Gear Lever in W124 or W463

A : The W210 shifter is higher and longer an will not fit the wood trim in W124 and W463

Q : If i do not use the P-R-N-D-4-3-2-1 tybe shifter do i need to programm anything.

A : No the controller will self find out it is not connected to a gear Lever and work anyway

Q : If i do not use the P-R-N-D-4-3-2-1 tybe shifter what shows in the display

A : In P it show P in N it will also show P as i can not tell the difference, I R it will show D as i can not see the difference.

Q : Can i use the 722.3 P-R-N-D-4-3-2

A : No The PRND432 shifter is for 722.3 gearbox, this shifter has no electronic in it and is made to move the mecanically                    lever on the gearbox, between P-R-N-D-4-3-2

Q : How does the 722.6 P-R-N-D-4-3-2-1 tybe works then

The PRND4321 shifter is Mecanically moving the mecanilly lever on the gearbox between P-R-N-D then when you move it between D-4-3-2-1 it is only electronically. no movement of the lever on the gearbox

Q: Can the shift from P-R and N-D be more smooth 

A: yes you can try the latest firmware  254 

to get it go here.  

Goto "Setup Parameter"

Then  Set    "PWM N->D" to 41   ,   "Garage PWM:" to 2   ,   "TimeGarage" to 40

Tiptronic PRND +/-

With latest software and a controller haveing CAN-H and CAN-L on the label 10 pin plug.

It is now possible to use the TIPTRONIC SHIFTER.

To activate the CANBUS input 

"Setup PArameter" -> "Canbus New" go right until you see TipTronic press up or down until you see "1" then it is activated, 0 disabled 1 activated, it is saved automatically.

To use the TipTronic shifter

As my 10 pin gearlever plug not fits this shifter, have to get the plug youself

Then there has to be power to both Pin 5 and 8 before lever can be moved out of P,

And we need ground on pin 4.

And CANH and CANL to gearboc controller.

You have to use the 10 pin plug and terminal supplyed in the plastic bag, and renember to mound the 120 OHM resistor, also in the bag.

To choose tiptronic shifter goto livedata and press right 9 times on the joystick, now you are on CANBUS page, press up or down until TipTronic, now power off and back on and the controller is set to recieve from Tiptronic shifter

IMPORTEND AN 120 OHM resistor has to be mounted between CAN H and CAN L

(120 OHM resistor between Pin 6-7)

Has to be mounted like this between CANH and CANL like on the picture here to the right --------------------->

Pinout on the Tiptronic

Gear Lever

The parts you need are:

1x A 203 545 0928 (8+2pin housing)

2x A 011 545 0726 (large pins for reverse light)

8x A 008 5455526 (small pins for 8 pin connector)

And you need 0,5mm2 (10G) wiring to have a good fit in the small 8 pin

the 1x A 002 545 54 40 (8  pin housing) you dont need because it is included in 1x A 203 545 0928 (8+2pin housing)

If you have problem with Tiptronic

First thing to check is that you have set it to Tiptronic on the Canbus page when you have changed setting in there, power off and back on.

You can also on that page see if packetes arrive from shifter and how many has arrived.

Test also CAN-H is to CAN-H  and CAN-L is to CAN-L

also make sure the 120 OHM resistor is mounted, between CAN-H and CAN-L

The tiptronic shifter i have used to develop the function

Was from a CLK 2000 - 2003 model

and had the MB number 202267056

The boltpatterne is different from the PRND4321 tybe.

This means the Tiptronic shifter is not bolt on to

W463 G Class and W124 E class.

But it will fit the Wood trim, so a little creativity and it can be used in thoose cars also.

Shifter wiring:

Pin  Function

1   Kickdown switch input  (not used)

2   Instrument lamp input (From you car)

3   DIAG (not used)

4   GND (Car Ground)

5   Shift lock solenoid input +12V (over ignition)

6   CAN H

7   CAN L 

8   +12V switched

two pin plug for reverse light

9 GY+12V from car for reverse lamp

10GY+12V to reverse lamp

Normal GearLever PRND4321

Gear Lever and plug (it has to be the one with a “1” see red square on picture)

And the plug is a 10 pin, and have 8 wire out, thats the Gear Lever we need

If you are in the Marked for a GearLever, be aware that the GB (RHD), ones is also mirrord, compared to the LHD ones, an other thing is that the one from W210 is longer and higher, then the W202, and R129 it is the short that fits the W124 and older G class,

W202 / R129 GearLever

Is the short Version and it

fits W124 & W463 G wagon, Perfect 

RHD: Part number 202 267 0637

LHD: Part number 202 267 0537

Reverse Ligth (Those 2 pin it shorted when i R for Reverse Ligth)

W210 model Longer and higher then the one on the Left, Do NOT fit W124 and W463 G Class

Plug is delivered on the wiring harness, that comes width the Controller

W210 E model (GB model Righd hand drive)      R129 SL / W202 C class (LHD)          C class Tiptronic (LHD)

To get a W210 car to start if Gear Lever plug is not plugged in

First messure width a voltmeter between Pin 1 and Pin 3  originally gearLever plug

If you see 10 or 12 Volt here then continue,  (On you own Risk)

To simulate "P"


Bu have got Many feedback that it actually works  



Pin 10 to Pin 3 (GND)  (maby use an 1K resistor to be sure not to harm anything)


Pin 4 to Pin 1 (5V) (maby use an 1K resistor to be sure not to harm anything)

Pin 5 to Pin 1 (5V) (maby use an 1K resistor to be sure not to harm anything)

Pin 9 to Pin 1 (5V) (maby use an 1K resistor to be sure not to harm anything)

Chrysler Gear lever wia CANBUS

To set up controller to accept it

Goto livedata and press joystick to the right 9 times and choose

CANBUS: "Chrysler -/+"

As this Gearlever has NO Reverselight output. 

AUX-2 can be used.

If AUX-2 is set to 5 then i makes an ground signal on AUX-2 when in R

AUX-2 is set in the Boost Menu -> "General Boost" - "Use AUX-2" set to 5.

Use the ground signal to drive a relay where the otherside of the coil is 12V from ignition

1. +12V (from same plase as controller)

2. Ground



5. CAN C BUS (+) to CAN-H

6. CAN C BUS (-) to CAN-L

Dodge Charger 2007 Lever

Part number is 04578755AA

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