Speedo Out

Speedometer Out

The Controller can drive a Mercedes Speedo.

The 8 pin plug on the back of the speedo has to be connected like this, the pin used is only the 3 down to the Right

Black = Ground

Yellow signal from Controller “TachoOut” (need to change to Speedometer)

Red = 12V


On the below type it is different, Found on internet, have not tried it myself, own risk

sensor for electronic speedometer - ( :. )-

Up left pin is #3pin - white wire - sensor signal,

Down left pin ie #4 pin - brown wire - ground,

Down right pin is #2 pin - black/violet/red-dot wire - +12V terminal 15 ....

wis record - ra54001240252x (54-0252)

   Signal out for the nerds :-)

“Setup Menu” -> “Tacho out”

Can be set to different value if the speedo shows too little make the number higher. start width the number “15”

If set to “1” then a test signal 100 HZ is send out, should show around 70 - 80 km/h on the speedo.

If set to “-3” then the speed will go between 0 - 250 ONLY for testing

Michael Stubberud from Sweden has now tested this speedo from E500, and confirmed it workes like this

W126 old S class

Red short is Old starter lockout

Left button is Speedo from controller

Right button is ground

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