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Change bell housing,

Here the bellhousing for a OM606 is mounted on a SL55AMG W5A580 gearbox

Only a new steel gasket is needet MB number 1402774214


1 Take out the Converter.

2 Take out the bolts from behind where the converter was. / There is 2 bolt from the other side

3 then the bell housing can be removed, together width the front clutch plate holder gear.

4 Take out the oil pump bolts.

5 tap width a plastic hammer, to remove the stator shaft from bell housing, it has a locator pin make sure to put it back correct way.


722.359 From Mercedes inline 6 engine

All 722.6 from inline 6 (apart from 320 CDI ) has same bolt pattern

722.6 from E55AMG

722.626 from a E320 CDI