You can update the firmware on you controller.

Depending on what version you have you have to choose from below


But you need to install a driver on you PC, and a little program to transfer the firmware. see below

White background and black text, has a asymetric metal frame

Same 4 Line display as the first one here, but has Grapic gearindicator

This is the display used on all new controllers OLED, Black background and white text (Graphic)

Controller-driver This is the driver you need to communitate width the Contrller


update of firmware Install Driver

(Wery importent connect PC to controller when stationary, as the controller restart when connected)

You need to connect the box to you PC,

When connectet go to Device Manager, here the Arduino Mega 2560 (and Port number) should show up.

But only if it can find the rigth driver.



is the program used to update controller width new Firmware


Update Firmware

Program to upload new Firmware


It will look like this

Hex file send to you, is choosen.

Device Choose (Mega(ATMEGA2560)

Comport (To find you comport look in Device Manager )

Press Upload and wait until it says uploaded it takes around 60 second


PC Program

722_6_Controller_Ver_158 Is the PC programm used to change parameters, if you do not want to use the includet display and joystick