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Paddle diagram

Cut the wire coming from the horn contact in steering wheel

Take the one end to the Paddle input on controller,

In steering Wheel connect the horn true a 10KOhm resistor

Connect the UP paddle true a 32KOhm resistor

Connect the DOWN paddle true a 56KOhm resistor

there is also an output to trigger the horn relay. (it says 10K in the Diagram below but it is 1K)


The Power to the horn Relay and the power to the Controller has to be on the same power source, to make sure it works correct, and power not flows backward from hornrelay to controller, (if power on the relay and not Controller)



Simple diagram width NO horn, Any switch would work all we need is one of the 32K or 56K resistor connectet to Ground to get a shift



Nice W123 steering wheel with paddles from w204 (pics) right colour and cheaper than slk paddles